Branches, ocean county nj caterers, offer extensive menus in their catering locations in NJ.

Off The Branch

Perfect Off-Site Catering

Throwing a party in your back yard? A barbecue at the beach? A wedding in the country or among the vines of a vineyard? Wish you could find someone who caters to your every need? Look no further than Branches.

Branches does off-site catering, and has all your needs covered, with friendly, attentive service, award-winning food and competitive prices, whether you're simply looking for pick-up or drop-off cuisine from our team of master chefs, or fully managed catered affairs at the location of your choice, including many NJ event venues.

Branches will gladly customize any Off-The Branch event for you, including catered corporate events at your location, grand openings, holiday parties, meetings and any other events that require catering in NJ

View some of our off-site catering events in NJ in our photo gallery.

Catering in NJ has never been so easy, convenient or amenable. Contact us today for consultation by calling 732-542-5050, or simply click here for more information.

We are able to cater to the following NJ event venues plus many more!

Branches Off-Site Catering at Laurita Winery

Laurita Winery - Located in the Outer Coastal Plain American Viticultural Area (AVA) in central New Jersey, the winery is the perfect place for a vineyard wedding catered by Branches Catering.

Branches Off-Site Catering at Two River Theater

Two River Theater - A state-of-the-art complex in the heart of Red Bank, the "hippest town" at the shore.

Asbury Park Convention Hall catered by this Jersey Shore catering hall

Asbury Park Convention Hall - Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Historic Convention Hall is the perfect place for your athletic, corporate or entertainment event.

Asbury Park Paramount Theatre catered by Branches Catering
Asbury Park Paramount Theatre - Renowned for its historical significance, superior acoustics, and stunning beauty, the artful construction of this theatre is only one of the reasons that event planners find this location so desirable.

Asbury Park Grand Arcade - This architecturally unique hall is home to both casual and formal events of all kinds, the visually striking construct creates a unique setting and unforgettable aesthetic that will set your event apart from all the rest.


Asbury Park Carousel Building - This beautiful, ornately constructed building houses a space where you have the freedom to bring to life your very own vision.

Stone Pony - Located in Asbury Park the infamous Stone Pony is n
ot just for the rough and tumble rock crowd, The Stone Pony is a great alternative to the usual venue for your private party, meeting or wedding celebration.


Asbury Park Wonder Bar - Featuring both indoor and outdoor accommodations, this venue enjoys a classic feel that invites everyone who enters to enjoy themselves.

Asbury Park Beach Bar Catered by Branches

Asbury Park Beach Bar - Located on the favored Asbury Park beach, right against the calming expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, The Beach Bar provides a flexible space with stunning views of the ocean.